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I Tried Pelvic Floor Therapy, and You Should Too—Here’s Why It’s a Game-Changer for Sexual Health

Sex and the City!). Little did I know the importance of maintaining a healthy pelvic floor, nor the starring role it plays in everyday functions or even where/what it is. If you’ve experienced the best orgasm of your life or managed to hold your pee in rush-hour traffic, you have your pelvic floor to thank. On the flip side, if your libido is leaving much to be desired or, worse, you feel pain during sex, consider them red flags that your pelvic floor muscles could use some TLC.

I decided it was time to give Kegels a rest and look beyond Samantha Jones for sexual health tips. I tapped into the expertise of Dr. Jennifer Carr, an orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapist and clinical director of Origin in Brentwood, California in Los Angeles, and gave pelvic floor therapy a go.

Below, find an intensive course on all things pelvic floor. Step aside, Kegels.    Let’s start with Pelvic Floor Anatomy 101. At the bottom of your pelvis lies a group of muscles—the pelvic floor—that form a bowl-like shape between your sit bones.

“The pelvic floor is composed of three layers of muscles that sling from the pubic bone in the front all the way to the tailbone in the back,” Dr. Carr explained. “It’s made of muscle, but it’s unique in that it not only gives us strength and power as it coordinates with our trunk muscles, but it also supports our internal organs and keeps urine and poop in our bodies until we are ready to empty,” Dr.

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