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Journalist Explains How He Used Positive Thinking to Beat Drug Addiction

ADVERTISEMENT His senior year was supposed to be the highlight of his life, but he failed his final exams. He could not go to college, and his plan B was to travel the world and gain a new perspective. Anderson felt that if he left the area, no one would think anything different of him.Many people travel and put off college for a few years.

He didn’t want to be known as someone who failed, but the drug addiction to marijuana was already affecting his life. His parents didn’t have the funds to help him travel, so he became a stowaway to get to Europe. Anderson grew up in the Ghana port city of Takoradi, so it was easy for him to stow away and emigrate to another country.The only problem is that this is a hazardous way to travel.

It was at this point that his drug addiction took a turn for the worse. Being a stowaway sounds innocent enough. But it’s very tough, and you can quickly lose your life.Anderson tried to make it the best he could, but the only way he could keep his morale was to use both drugs and alcohol.

At night, he had to use a small canoe in the sea, and if the canoe capsized, you must swim to shore. You will perish in the cold waters if you’re not strong enough to make it.Alcohol and drugs gave him the confidence to keep up with this process, but the addiction only grew. There was nothing he could do about it, as he had made the wrong decision, and now his drug addiction and choices were ruining his life.Seven long years passed, and Anderson still hadn’t done anything with his life.

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