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I Asked an OBGYN All the Questions You Feel Too Embarrassed to Ask—Here Are Her Answers

female wellness.Enter: Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a practicing gynecologist in Westchester County, NY and advisor to Tru Niagen.

From vaginal odor to birth control and everything in between, I probed (pun intended) Dr. Dweck on the most important questions to ask your OBGYN, and we left nothing off the table.

Read on for her answers to questions you may be embarrassed to ask your own doctor.  While every vagina is unique (just like the person who it is a part of), Dr. Dweck explained what you can generally expect: “A healthy vagina, the internal canal, is typically a shade of pink, lush, sometimes glistening with normal clear fluid and with many folds called ‘rugae.’ The vaginal opening might have darker pigment and variable skin folds depending on history of childbirth, previous surgery, and/or sexual activity, for example.” Take a cue from Charlotte in Sex and the City and grab your trusty handheld mirror to get up close and personal with your vulva.  Before you go down the Google rabbit hole, slow your roll.

Dr. Dweck assured us vaginal discharge and odor are typically not causes for concern: “Most vaginas have a natural physiologic discharge made up of mucus from the cervix, vaginal fluid and cells, and cells/fluid from the uterus.” However, there are instances in which vaginal discharge and odor can raise red flags.

“Infection with viruses, bacteria, and other microbes, including STIs (sexual transmitted infections), hormone changes, and/or external irritants, can disrupt the normal vaginal pH and microbiome and cause infection. In these cases, an atypical vaginal discharge or foul odor can occur.” The main takeaway? If you’re not sure and can’t decipher what’s what, it’s best to consult your doctor. If you experience loss

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