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Pacific Ocean Clean Up Yields Over 20,000 Tons of Waste

The Ocean Cleanup revealed its latest model, nicknamed Jenny. They believe this new device will make a massive dent in the plastic pollution clogging the oceans. The device acts as an artificial floating coastline with a plastic-trapping mechanism resembling a giant arm.

Once the plastic gets caught in this fold, it makes its way into a large net shaped like a funnel.Then, two ships tow the net through the water at a speed of roughly 1.5 knots. You could probably walk faster than that, but the slow speed ensures the net doesn’t break in rough waters. Ocean currents push any floating plastic toward the device, making it easy to trap the wayward garbage.According to a 2018 study in Scientific Reports, the vortex “covers an estimated surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers, an area twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France.”At the time of sampling, the team estimated that over 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic had accumulated in the Pacific Ocean.

It’s believed that the plastic weighed about 80,000 tons, 4-16 times higher than prior calculations. To put the sheer enormity in perspective, that’s the equivalent weight of 500 Jumbo Jets.So, it’s of paramount importance to clean up this floating wasteland in the Pacific Ocean. The team couldn’t think of a better place to test their latest device than the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

They wanted to see if Jenny could carry large volumes of plastic to shore without any disruptions.Luckily, Jenny performed even better than they expected. She hauled 9,000 kilograms, or 20,000 pounds, of plastic trash out of the Pacific Ocean. This overwhelming success provides evidence that waste cleanup efforts with more of these devices would pay off.Slat’s first ocean-cleaning

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