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12 Signs Your Love Interest Has Emotional Literacy

ADVERTISEMENT People with a high level of emotional literacy usually have a strong sense of empathy. Unlike narcissistic personalities, they aren’t so self-absorbed that they ignore the needs of others. The more they care about how you feel, the more you become interested in them.You may also notice if partner uses emotional intelligence discern and discuss emotional issues.

According to an article published by Frontiers in Psychology, EL was coined in the early 90s by Salovey and Mayer. Per the article, you can monitor your feelings and emotions as a guideline.When you hear them describing emotions, they can go beyond the simplest terms like mad, sad, or happy. Their descriptions may include specifics like frustrated, elated, ecstatic, or despairing.

It’s more than just flowery words; they’re in tune with themselves, and their vocabulary represents their emotional intellect. ADVERTISEMENT You hope to find a love interest who doesn’t always judge a book by its cover. They may lack emotional maturity if they are quick to pass judgment on folks they don’t know.

It could also be a sign of a resentful, negative personality that could sabotage a relationship.While no one can read a person 100 percent of the time, emotionally literate people are reasonably accurate. They realize that first impressions aren’t always correct, hey take time to listen and observe others. Words, actions, and gut instinct are often enough for a person with high emotional literacy to reasonably estimate another’s character.Like anyone else, a person with high emotional mastery has many strengths and weaknesses.

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