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Growing Up in Foster Care as a Girl With Undiagnosed Autism

My name is Mariah and I am Autistic and 24 years old. I’m a big Christian and live in Wisconsin. I was born in Burnsville, Minnesota and entered the foster system at the age of 9. I finally was adopted in 2009 after moving from three different foster homes. I was then placed in services in middle school for those with disabilities and was there for five years until I graduated high school. When others describe me, they say I’m a resilient, caring, enthusiastic, honest and highly empathetic person.

The beginning of my life was tough. I unfortunately figured out I wasn’t placed in a safe environment after a year and experienced a lot of trauma in my last home. I was verbally traumatized and experienced a lot of isolation. Aside from trauma, I

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Undiagnosed Autism

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