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What Is a Digital Nomad And How to Know If It's For You - Lifehack

American workers describing themselves as digital nomads alone has gone up by 49%. Even I did it in 2021!So, what is a digital nomad? And can it now be a real lifestyle option for you to explore? Digital nomads are people who live their life in a nomadic manner, traveling to or staying in different places while engaging in remote work using digital technology. In short, they are remote workers or have the flexibility to work anywhere around the world as long as they have access to digital telecommunication technology.

Early in 2021, my partner and I sold our home in London without a long-term fixed place to go to. Having been stuck indoors for most of 2020 and adapting to the working from home approach since 2019, we both had itchy feet and I had gotten used to still doing a good job without a location being relevant.So, we threw all of our remaining gear and the dog into the back of our Hyundai i20 and ventured across the UK staying in Airbnbs for the majority of the year.At that time, I didn’t think I needed the traditional ownership of bricks and mortar to feel settled. I was content with my job. They were fine with me moving about, and as long as I felt good mentally, it was good to go. So, that was me, officially a digital nomad—scouting the next area to live, the “try before you buy” approach, living and working in temporary homes, solely reliant on Wi-Fi and retaining minimal possessions to move around freely.But the spectrum is a little wider than that with other digital nomads also being perpetual travelers, jumping from country to country, and timezone to timezone with the tech needed to perform to a level needed for their own business as an entrepreneur or within an organizational setting. Basically, a

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