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Sneaky Pete Quotes for Your Bad Side

If crime dramas are up your alley, these Sneaky Pete quotes are for you.

There are many crime dramas on television but only a few get fans talking and excited for each episode.

One of these is Sneaky Pete, a popular American crime drama. It aired in 2015 and kept fans hooked on every thrilling episode.

Created by David Shore and Bryan Cranston, Sneaky Pete is about the life of Marius Josipović, an ex-convict who adopted the life of his cellmate, Pete Murphy.

Marius wanted to avoid his bitter past. Upon embracing his new life as Pete, Marius is challenged to keep his identity hidden and live a normal life with his cell mate’s family who might suspect his deep secrets.

Many reviews reveal that people can relate to the life of Marius, who

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