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Living With Memory Problems and Mental Illness

My husband mentions somebody’s fiancée or a coworker, and we go through the same conversation.

“Did I meet them?” I ask him.

“We all went to get roast duck in Uptown,” he says. Or: “Mia brought her to movie night.” Or: “You came to the Super Bowl party at Peter’s house.” Or: “No, I don’t think so.” 

“Did I like them?”

“You thought he was funny,” he says. Or: “She invited us to stay with her in Madison.” Or: “You loved them.” Or: “No, I don’t think so.”

I look at photos of strangers. I imagine that face smiling at me, leaning across a table or standing next to me in the potluck line. Asking me to pass the duck skin. In Uptown, at Peter’s house.

Sometimes my husband adds, “You really don’t remember?” And I wonder if something is wrong with my

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