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Live Webinar on April 6: Start with ‘Hello’: How to Reduce Social Anxiety and Foster Connections

Not available April 6? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.Do you hesitate to reach out to old friends — uncertain whether they’re eager to hear from you? Do you seldom make new friends — apprehensive about risking rejection or just too exhausted to invest time and energy in social endeavors? Is speaking in public so uncomfortable that you avoid ordering take-out at your favorite cafe?Many adults with ADHD struggle with fears of embarrassment, rejection, or criticism and hold back from participating in the relationships they truly desire.

Still others are worried about missing conversational cues, and then being mocked or excluded. During these past two years of pandemic isolation and restrictions, social anxiety and rejection sensitivity have increased across the board.

In other words, you may feel alone, but many others are sharing this experience.In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Saline — award-winning author, international speaker, and consultant — will help you learn to participate in social situations with more confidence and less self-criticism.

She will explain how social anxiety works and offer tools for reducing your discomfort while improving your communication skills. You will learn how to initiate and maintain friendships, manage rejection sensitivity dysphoria, and improve your ability to connect with partners, peers, children, and even love interests.

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Foster Connections

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