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Deion Sanders Quotes From Primetime

These Deion Sanders quotes remind us why he is called Primetime.

Growing up watching Deion play professional football for the Atlanta Falcons and professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves at the same time made an entire generation believe their wild dreams were possible.

“Neon Deion” is more than a Hall of Fame athlete. For those who have followed his career, it is well known that Sanders has always been more than an athlete when it comes to community presence and impact. He has always reminded kids that life is more important than a salary, shoes, stats or a 40 yard dash time.

Deion has always put his integrity before his net worth when it comes to being an example for young people. He has transcended being an elite athlete and moved on to be a championship football coach at Jackson State University.

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Deion Sanders Quotes On Playing Good In Life.

1. “If you look good, you feel good, If you feel good, you play good, If you play good, they pay good.”- Deion Sanders

2. “Water covers two-thirds of the Earth. I cover the rest.”- Deion Sanders

3. “I like what I see. I think the league is heading in the proper direction.”- Deion Sanders

4. “I expect to be great. I expect to do what hasn’t been done. I expect to provoke change.”- Deion Sanders

5. “If you don’t believe in yourself how will somebody else believe in you?”- Deion Sanders

6. “Look good, play good. Play good, eat good. Eat good, die good.” – Deion Sanders

7. “What separates us is that we expect to be great.”- Deion Sanders

8. “I was kinda scared. I thought Detroit was gonna take me. I would’ve asked them for so much money they would have to put me on layaway.”- Deion Sanders


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