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How to Take a Power Nap in 5 Easy Steps, and When You Should

Oura, it’s called a Siesta, and it’s pretty standard in climates where the weather is hot. Siesta means nap or Sleep, but this Spanish term is used to help employees during the day’s heat. ADVERTISEMENT When the countries are closer to the equator, the temperatures are much hotter.

So, employers often give extended lunch periods for the employees to eat and relax before coming back to work. In Italy, this rest break is called the “Riposo.”What do you consider a nap? Do you take a one, two, or three-hour snooze? According to the Cleveland Clinic, you don’t need that long to refresh and rejuvenate your body. A power nap, per the article, is anything from ten to twenty minutes in length.Napping doesn’t have to be an extended period, but some people have their thoughts on this matter backward.

You probably think that a ten-minute snooze sounds crazy, as it takes some people more than that amount of time to get to Sleep. ADVERTISEMENT However, studies from Oxford show that you only need about a ten or twenty-minute power nap to reset your energy levels.While the study saw some benefits after a ten-minute nap, the energy levels increased after twenty minutes. The only issue the scientists warned about is this.

If you sleep for more than thirty minutes, the people studied had a sleep inertia effect that made them sluggish.While most American employers won’t give you a two-hour break for a nap, you can take a power nap during your lunch. The key is to wake yourself before you go into the REM or deep state of rest. When you awaken yourself once you’ve entered REM, it’s going to be counterproductive.To fully understand the value of a power nap, you need to know what happens when you sleep for too long.

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