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University Explains How AI Pets Can Help People With Hearing Loss

deafness in one ear due to a benign tumor removed in September 2020. The permanent hearing loss also left emotional scars, as Sankhya says she often feels depressed and isolated.“In a big crowd when everybody’s laughing at a joke, and you’ve not heard it, you feel frustration, anger and realize that sometimes your friends forget,” Jejurikar said.After her successful surgery, she decided to give back to the medical community by participating in the study.

Since Jejurikar works as a professional artist, the study was right up her alley. ADVERTISEMENT Jejurikar said this:For the study, Sengupta partnered with Claudia B.

Rebola, Ph.D., associate dean for research, associate professor, and director of the new Center for DAAP Research and Innovation (CDRI) on Health and Wellbeing.They’d previously collaborated on a music therapy app and began work on an art therapy app as well. Rebola also worked tirelessly on improving robotic pets for older adults who need a companion but can’t care for a real animal.

Specifically, she improved functions where pets could monitor patients’ vital signs or provide additional care.Meera Rastogi, Ph.D., a psychologist, art therapist, program coordinator for the pre-art therapy certificate program, and professor at the University of Cincinnati, Clermont College, also participated to help design the art therapy prompts for the app.The team developed a 12-week pilot study to analyze how art therapy impacted patients’ moods. Psychologists Rastogi and Johnston will monitor the patients’ perspectives and well-being with self-reported assessments.

ADVERTISEMENT “It’s more than just interacting with art materials. They’re specifically designed art activities to help people think about whatever issues

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Claudia B.Rebola Meera Rastogi

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