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Could This Wearable Device Cure Your Bad Habits?

Shark Tank as a story of a person going through a difficult time and .The torture device camp may see Maneesh Sethi as misguided, arrogant or weirdly sadistic. You might see him as the Shark Tank hosts saw him.

Mark Cuban called him a “con man.” Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary went with “—hole.” Maybe you’ll agree.This is a story about a person, a problem, and a product.

If all goes according to Sethi’s plans, the product will take care of the problem and make him famous for all the right reasons.Sethi is a Tim Ferriss disciple through-and-through. The Stanford student didn’t just read and change the way he organized his email inbox; he read it and three days later booked a ticket to Buenos Aires.

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