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22-Year-Old Marine Veteran Is Raising Boys From Troubled Homes

The X For Boys,” which aims to provide a positive influence and important life skills for Black youth.“Making men great again” is the organization’s mission, and it’s doing a phenomenal job so far. ADVERTISEMENT The young man and military veteran from Georgia started the organization when he was nineteen. He noticed the rising crime in his community of Albany, Georgia, and wanted to help kids find a different path.

Many of the young men he talked to said they wanted to better their lives but didn’t know where to start. So, King Randall stepped in to become a positive mentor for them.  A post shared by King Randall, I. (@newemergingking)He’s even taken temporary custody of several children, raising boys when they had nowhere to turn.

He said that, sadly, many of the boys had come from very difficult or traumatic backgrounds. Some boys were sexually abused, starved, or neglected in general. In that kind of environment, children don’t get the love and support they need, so they act out.Many studies prove that children who experience neglect or abuse have a higher risk of being involved in crimes.

Of course, not all children from difficult backgrounds will turn to violence or other crimes, but it does increase the odds. Many of these children lack a positive influence in their lives who can provide a healthy outlet.King Randall believes that every young child deserves a positive, healthy upbringing. If they don’t have that at home, they should at least have good examples at school.

That’s why King Randall wants to open a charter school for the boys in his program. The school will teach skills such as automotive repair, home improvement, and reading literacy.In addition to raising boys, King Randall also teaches them. By

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