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Live Webinar on April 13: 5 Life Skills Every ADHD Young Adult Needs to Cultivate

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Not available April 13? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.Ask any teen or young adult with ADHD if they’re ready to embark on independent living and adulting without supervision, and they’ll likely say “Yes, I’ve got this!” Ask the parents of those kids the same question, and they’ll likely say, “I’m not so sure!” As we know, kids with ADHD often lag behind their neurotypical peers in emotional maturity and executive functioning, so it’s natural for parents to feel uncertainty as college, trade school, or a first job beckons.Coaching experts Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster of ImpactParents will share the five most important life skills that every teen or young adult with ADHD needs before they venture out on their own, and they will discuss how they helped their own young adult children build independence and thrive.In this webinar, you will learn:Have a question for our expert? There will be an opportunity to post questions for the presenter during the live webinar.Elaine Taylor-Klaus, MCC, is first and foremost the mom in an ADHD ++ family with four successful young adults.

A Master Certified Coach, international speaker, author and educator, she’s the co-founder of the first global coaching organization for parents and professionals of neurodiverse kids, and a trusted advisor to executives, parents, health care and education professionals.

ImpactParents specializes in training, coaching and support for parents, and has certified hundreds of professionals around the world in neurodiversity-informed coaching skills.

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