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Leveling Up: Why Eric Siu Treats His Life Like a Video Game

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World of Warcraft and EverQuest.The reason Siu enjoys (and has largely succeeded at) , he says, is because he treats his work as if he’s playing a video game.

Each decision he makes and step he takes is akin to leveling up—the stakes are just a little bit higher in real life.“The ability to pull levers and then all of a sudden, traffic comes in, or even partnering up with other people… it’s fun,” he says.Siu’s story isn’t one of a linear trajectory toward success.

He almost got kicked out of high school for nearly failing a required course. Then, he almost flunked out of college for missing too many classes. “School never made logical sense to me because the premise was built on following the rules of a system,” he writes in his book, . “I.

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