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“Let the Pandemic Illuminate the Unmet Needs of Kids with Learning Differences”

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learning differences have faced for decades.We, as parents, know all too well the stress, anxiety, and physical and emotional symptoms associated with learning challenges.

We understand the frustration of trying to turn around woeful school engagement in our kids and their educators, too. When my children are denied the accommodations they need, this quickly leads to anger, battles about going to school, and self-talk that includes “stupid” and “I know I have to try harder.”I have seen how difficult it is to enlighten school district personnel and explain that a student’s poor behavior and negative self-talk are the direct result of not receiving the accommodations that are appropriate and necessary for academic success.

When I asked for support and a 504 Plan, school administrators said to me: “Suzy knows what she needs to do.” As if my daughter chooses not to do it.

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