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Let’s Stop Shaming Women For Being ‘Too Girly’

feminine, like it’s something that I should be ashamed of. They tell me that I won’t be taken seriously if I look or sound too “girly” and that I need to change in order for people to believe that I can get the job done.

However, nobody goes to a guy and tells him to act less manly or talk in a less masculine way. So, why do they keep asking women to be less feminine?Why do I have to change myself in order for others to take me more seriously?

Why do I have to feel ashamed for liking the color pink? When did the word “girly” start being used as an insult or considered a degrading thing?The minute you walk into the room, if you’re someone who dresses or acts or walks in a way that others consider to be overly girly, people will judge you and.

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