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Learn How a Former Bait Dog Found a Safe, Loving Home

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shelters, where they finally have a chance at adoption and a normal life.When Katharine and her partner Cody saw Bubby, they just knew they wanted to bring him home.

They didn’t know what to expect regarding the dogs’ temperament, but they couldn’t let him stay in the shelter. He deserved a loving, safe place to live, and they wanted to give him that.A post shared by Bub & Simon-National Park Pits (@big.head.bubby)Katharine says when she first started looking for a dog, she didn’t know quite what she wanted.

However, when she laid eyes on Bubby and saw his adorable smile, she immediately felt drawn to him.“I could tell right away that he had this personality even just through a photo where I was like ‘I want to know more about this dog,’”.

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