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Journeying the Psyché of a Traveller: Amanda Smith stokes “The Inner Fire.”

feel it…”Well, guess what? It has. And that something is you.But, before you Google-diagnose ‘post-holiday blues,’ Smith tells us it’s deeper than this.

You’re not just missing those days of spontaneity, new friends, and sights.  Your psyche has evolved… and slipping back into your ‘old life’ isn’t nearly as easy as you think.There’s resistance because you return with, or even as, an altered character.Amanda Smith, a traveller who’s played ‘continental hop scotch’ for two years, gives us some insight into the psychology of movement—a story that emerged as a way for Amanda to “understand what the hell was going on inside” while experiencing amazing countries, communities, and cultures on the outside.It’s what the bravest writers among us.

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