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It’s Not What You Do—It’s HOW You Do It

“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.” At least that’s what I remember it saying, and now that I’m sitting here writing that, I am even wondering if it was her who said it.It made me pause because I get stuck on that obstacle a lot in life–you know, the obstacle where you look at your accomplishments, or lack thereof, and wonder how you matter or make any sort of real difference.Some folks were born to do big, important things that literally change the course of humanity for the better.

Me? Nope, not one of those people. And sometimes my pea-brain ego throws a hissy fit about that, wishing I could do something more impactful.Because, really, let’s be honest–most people would rather have a leading role in a play and not be a tree in the.

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