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“It’s Hard Being the Mother of Electricity. And Also Quite Dazzling.”

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[Get This Download: 13 Parenting Strategies for Kids with ADHD]What was wrong with him? I would ask in anger over and over when my super hero refused to contort himself into my imagined mould.It was impossible for my little super hero to slow his current and control his electricity.That was very inconvenient for me.

For his teachers. For his peers. I grew increasingly angry and bitter toward my wild, electric boy. I almost lost myself trying to control him.My super hero’s electricity was fueled by rage as he grew, turning him more powerful and harder to control.

The more powerful my super boy became, the harder I tried to jam him into his small, quiet, controllable mould that I still held on to.[Read This: Never Punish a Child for Bad.

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