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Is Cottage Cheese the Ultimate Healthy Snack? We Analyze TikTok’s Favorite Food

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#FoodTok: cottage cheese. While the trendy, versatile dairy staple once had a bad rap (you either loved it or hated it), the 252 million views on #cottagecheese say it all—#FoodTok is converting the curdled milk cynics into fanatics.

Aside from its health benefits (more to come on that), TikTokers are redeeming the once-overlooked snack by transforming it into endless recipes—from mac and cheese to toast and pancakes to ice cream (yes, you read that right).

But is cottage cheese in fact good for you? I asked dietitians what they think of the now-viral ingredient, plus I break down the health perks of adding it to your diet and the must-try recipes to give a whirl.

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