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Interior Designers Dish on How to Create a Home Office Design for Better Productivity

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serves many functions. But if you’re still rocking a haphazard setup from early pandemic days, or haven’t yet abandoned the dining room table in favor of a separate work area, you might find your arrangement has grown slightly stale.

Which means it’s time for a refresh! Review our tips and trends for creating a home office design to , remain Zen despite the many Zooms and showcase your personal aesthetic.Before embarking on your design journey, you first need to determine what role you want your home office to play in your home—and life.“I don’t get asked to produce a calm workplace as much as a productive one,” Meg Behrens, founder and lead designer of , says. “Many times clients have been working at the kitchen table and are in the middle of the family action.

In remodels, we are closing in the formal dining room to create an office.”Stephanie Pohlman, owner and head designer of , is seeing an increased need for a functional home office.“If you find it would be more useful to get multiple uses out of the space, think about built-ins or flexible solutions to give you exactly what you need,” Pohlman says.Behrens believes actually having a door is critical to the home office experience, creating a physical boundary between work life and home life. “This helps so you can have quietness and actually think when working, or close out the noise while you’re on a Zoom call,” she notes. “But many people still like to know what the household is doing, so they are opting for a steel and glass door.”So, just how much might this home office project cost?“We typically budget 8-10K for a full room design,” Pohlman says. “The cost can vary based on how elaborate you go with furniture and cabinetry.”Behrens says final costs can depend.

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