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“Inattentive ADHD, According to a 12-Year-Old Boy”

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early signs of ADHD (because we both have it).Lots of adults write lots of essays about their childhoods with ADHD. I remember spacing out, forgetting work, and losing shoes — as does my husband.

But my childhood during the 1990s doesn’t match any childhood today — complete with smartphones, 24/7 streaming, social media, and a global pandemic.What is it like for a child to live with inattentive ADHD today?

I don’t have a clue, really.So I asked my 12-year-old — now a lanky, eye-rolling tween who tortures us with groan-inducing puns — to perch on the arm of my writing couch and tell me about his ADHD.“Hyperfocusing can be very hard,” Blaise said immediately. “But it’s very useful if you want to research something.”The kid’s not wrong — I.

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