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Improving Sleep Through Mindfulness Meditation (incl. Techniques and Audios)


The meeting didn’t go well this morning, and I have to talk to my boss tomorrow. Could I have done something differently, and how will I handle tomorrow?I just want my head to be quiet.”Falling and staying asleep can be difficult.

Our minds—recovering from a frantic day, and already planning for the next— find no peace.And yet, decades of research have confirmed that inadequate sleep negatively impacts our psychological and physical wellbeing (Markwald & Germain, 2020).Even temporary sleep loss is known to reduce memory performance.

If prolonged, a lack of sleep can profoundly impact our mental processing and our risk of serious illness, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes (Puentes-Mestril & Aton, 2017).So, sleep.

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