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Imposter Syndrome Cost Me Thousands of Dollars—Here’s How I Learned to Fight Back

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actually good at golf, I’ll never be able to know anything about my skills or have the chance to use or improve them.Rather than bolstering our careers, Dr.

Gurner suggests that it’s this pursuit of perfection that is holding us back. Many people with imposter syndrome know they aren’t perfect or that they don’t have all of the answers, so they end up seeing that as “proof” that they’re not skilled or competent enough rather than seeing it for what it really is: that nobody is perfect and .“As a result, people who have imposter syndrome often don’t give themselves any leeway, and hold themselves to all-or-nothing in their thinking patterns,” explains Dr.

Gurner. “Sadly, if they don’t think they can execute perfectly, it can keep them from taking on opportunities to showcase their clear expertise.”My approach to started by looking back at everything I’d accomplished throughout my life, and instead of viewing it as “proof” that I wasn’t an imposter I started looking for a common denominator.

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