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Im really struggling with my partner who has adhd

Home › Welcome to the ADDitude Forums › For Spouses & Loved Ones › Im really struggling with my partner who has adhdTagged: Adult, relationshipsThis topic contains 5 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by  AdeleS546 18 hours, 50 minutes ago.I met my partner 7 months ago, i had been single a long time, i was fiercely independent ive been through so much myself and i found him a bit much.

But, i fell madly in love with him. I moved in with him and a few weeks ago his ex was beaten up and he niw has his 3 kids. Ive guven up my home to live in his and have said ill help him with the kids.

Ive recently had my son back after his dad toke him away from me and i work full time. Im struggling with these life changing occurances while.

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