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If You Struggle With Love After Loss, 'Thor: Love and Thunder' May Be Perfect for You

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“Thor: Love and Thunder” hit theaters earlier this summer. As a Thor Odinson fan girl, I was very excited for the follow up to “Thor: Ragnarok,” arguably one of the most fun movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Taika Waititi mentioned that this fourth Thor installment was a love story, and as a lover of Thor, Thor and Jane, and love in general I was more than excited to see this story.

Now that I’ve watched it, I realize that it was a love story, but not in the way I expected it to be. SPOILERS BELOW THIS POINT OK, “Thor: Love and Thunder” is for sure a love story, but instead of it being about riding into sunsets and the elusive happily ever after, it’s actually about learning to love again after loss.

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