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Identifying and Challenging Core Beliefs: 12 Helpful Worksheets

Core beliefs were first theorized in the context of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). They are also known as schemas, which shape how we process and interpret new information (see Beck, A.

T. 1979; Beck, A. T., Freeman, A. & Davis, D. 2015; Beck. J.S. 2005; Beck, J.S. 2011).Aaron Beck (1979) outlined three interrelated levels of cognition:We can think of our automatic negative thoughts as the situational expressions of our dysfunctional assumptions and negative core beliefs.Core beliefs are formed early in life and shaped by our upbringing and our experiences.

Because they are so deep-seated and embedded, they are very difficult to change. Their original function is to help us make sense of our formative experiences, but they can become.

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