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I was pregnant and homeless with BPD and PTSD

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"Omg I can’t look, here you look" I say to my best friend.It’s the Grand National, we’ve placed our bets and we are sitting watching the race - my friend wins!Woohoo how exciting.

As I’m sitting with the drink across from me I blurt out “I think I might be pregnant”.“OMG whaatt omg this is soo exciting” she screams (if there was ever a person who had been waiting for the day for me to have a baby, this is her).“We are going home right now to do a test”, she shrieks.“It’s POSITIVE”, we scream, jumping up & down.“OMG” I start to feel sick.

What’s my partner going to say…how am I going to tell him?Although we had agreed I’d come off contraception and see how it went…it was a lot sooner than I had expected.But it’s what I wanted.

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