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I Moved Back in with My Parents after 13 Years of Being on My Own

My relationship with my parents was toxic and strained because of our different religious views. Religion — or rather, my departure from the church — is why my parents and I didn’t have a great relationship for most of my late teens, early twenties, and on.To finally be on my own as a college student was exhilarating for me.

I woke up when I wanted; I did chores because I loved to keep tidy, not because I was ordered to, and I went out at night without asking for permission.

When I finished my studies, I moved to California with my high school boyfriend and got a job in social work.I felt like an actual adult, independent and grown-up, and I swore I’d never live at home again.Over the next 13 years, I lived in three different states in a.

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