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I’m Proud to Be Rocking Mobility Aids at 27 Years Old

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I sit, staring across the desk at my doctor. We’ve already finished discussing all my other concerns for the day and I can’t delay any longer.

I take a deep breath. “I’ve been talking to my physio about using elbow crutches…” I start nervously. “I’ve been using a cane on and off for some time now… because I used one for a while when I was younger and it really helped!” I quickly add, eager to provide justification as to why I would take it upon myself to do something to improve my own life. “The thing is, well, the cane hurts my wrists a lot and my physio agreed an elbow crutch would be better for me.

I wouldn’t use it all the time, just when the loss of power in my legs or vertigo is at its worst.” My doctor smiles at me. “I think that’s a

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