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I’m a Gen-Z Living with My Parents. I’m Not Ashamed Anymore.

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~50% of other millennials and moved back in to live with my parents at the ripe old age of 24. I didn’t make any social media posts about it, and I hastened to reassure everyone I knew that this was a temporary arrangement, thank you very much!In other words, I was deeply ashamed.

To me, living with my parents constituted a fail state. I had gone out into the wide world as an adult and come crashing home into my safety net.It didn’t matter, to me, that I was only home because I’d been offered what was my dream job.

It didn’t matter that it was because I was waiting for my now-husband to move over to the States to join me. It didn’t matter that shortly after, a pandemic bloomed over the world, rendering every effort to move out pointless.I.

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