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I Learned To Act Like A Man And It Made All The Difference

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“it’s a man’s world,” and they’ve allowed us females to live in it. That’s pretty generous if you ask me.But alas, if you want to “succeed” (what does that even mean?), you will have to learn to work within a masculine world while coveting and concealing your feminine side.Example 1.

Did my very manly boss make me cry in the boardroom, or is that fluid dripping from my eyes just leftover gasoline which I guzzled this morning for breakfast?

Well, it’s gasoline as far as you’re concerned.This is not about hating men or overthrowing them (any lady with her wits about her knows that she has to let men at least think they’re sitting comfortably on the throne). No, this is about learning from men so that we can understand what has allowed.

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