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I Know Pain’s Inevitable, but Still…Where’s the Love?

I’m talking about love, the verb. As in to hold dear, to cherish, to thrive in. (You know, loving.)Speaking for myself, it’s easy to look for the feeling of love without the doing of love.

I find myself thinking, I’m waiting…where’s my passion? My excitement? Why aren’t I loving this?What if all of that’s on the other side of loving?We want the receiving part.

Of course, enjoyment is important. It’s good to feel good about your life and have fun living it. But here’s the other part: life comes in ups and downs, peaks and valleys, darks and lights. Pain is inevitable, and all the pushing away and insistence that somehow it isn’t normal is a huge part of our suffering.I know this, but still…Where’s the love?It’s in my attitude and choices.

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