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“I Grew Up Gifted and Autistic — and Suffered the Burnout of Twice Exceptionality”

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I’ll say it: Being gifted isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially if you’re also neurodivergent.I was identified as gifted in kindergarten.

At age 6, I began participating in my school’s Challenge program, where gifted students were pulled out of class once a week to engage in a curriculum that focused on critical thinking and self-directed learning.

I loved it. Challenge days were the only days I looked forward to school.Unfortunately, my giftedness didn’t come alone. I am also autistic, though I remained undiagnosed until my senior year of high school — in part because my giftedness masked or distracted attention away from my autism.I am twice exceptional — basically a neurodivergent gifted student.

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