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I Don't Care That It 'Could Be Worse' When I'm in Pain and Losing Hope

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“Hey, look on the bright side” has become, at least for me, a consistently common precursor to someone saying something “stupid.” Sure, I could have had something worse happen to me; but I didn’t.

So, good for me? When I hear this phrase, I think of the old Road Runner cartoons when Wile E. Coyote would fall off a cliff leaving a coyote-shaped hole in the ground when he landed, and then just when he pops his head up out of the hole, a giant anvil falls on his noggin.

Look on the bright side is kinda like saying, “At least the anvil didn’t hit you.” Never mind that I just fell off a cliff. When used light-heartedly in day-to-day passing, it can be funny.

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