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“I Absolutely Hate Everything About…” Your Most Detested and Avoided Household Chores

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No one delights at doing dishes or gets giddy at the prospect of paperwork. But for people with ADHD brains wired to seek stimulation, a repetitive, humdrum task or errand can feel positively painful.

Add in the executive dysfunction that makes individuals with ADHD master procrastinators and what you’ll find is folks going to great lengths to dodge the thing they dread.We asked ADDitude readers to dish about the household chore or task they love to hate, and what they do to avoid it (or, occasionally, to make it better).

Is there a task you wish would disappear off the face of the earth? Tell us all about your hate/hate relationship with it in the Comments below.“I absolutely hate everything about doing my tax return: having to find receipts, pay slips, expenses, deductions.

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