visualization habits for success

How Visualization Creates New Behaviors for Success

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Have you ever read a book and started to think of something completely different? For example, what you ate for dinner last night, that conversation you need to have with your significant other, or remembering that you need to finish a task for work.You’re reading the words in the book physically with your eyes, but it’s almost like your mind goes somewhere else entirely.If someone were to walk into the room and see you, they would see your eyes scanning across the page of the book, but your mind was elsewhere.The words in the book were in front of you, but a picture of what you ate last night or that task you need to complete was displayed right in front of the words you were trying to read.And because of that, you had to go back and reread the same paragraph several times.

Trust me; I’ve been there.How does this happen? It’s because we think in pictures. When humans think, we literally think in pictures.

If I were to ask you to think of your kitchen – your entire kitchen would pop up on the screen of your mind as if you were actually there.This is an amazing mental factuality, but many of us allow it to unconsciously influence us in negative ways.

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