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How to Weather the Persistent Adderall Shortage

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February 9, 2023The nationwide Adderall shortage is now five months old, and it’s reportedly growing more dire by the day. ADHD stimulant medications, in general, are in short supply or impossible to find across the nation, according to the 470 ADDitude readers who answered a recent poll question.

What began in October due to “labor constraints” at a manufacturing plant owned by Teva is now a full-blown crisis that’s leaving ADHD patients and clinicians in need of guidance.“If this was any other organ system, this [shortage] wouldn’t be tolerated,” wrote Jon, a psychiatrist in New York City, in response to the ADDitude poll on Instagram. “They would be talking about it in the highest levels of government and in the media.”The FDA predicted that supply issues would resolve by early February, however ADDitude readers tell us they continue to call pharmacy after pharmacy trying to find their medication in stock.

Colleen, an adult with ADHD and whose child also has ADHD, says she’s “burnt out from the whole process.”“It’s a nightmare at my house,” she said. “Except that it’s not Adderall; it’s Concerta (for my daughter) and Vyvanse (for me).

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