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How to Wake Up from the Painful Trance of Unworthiness

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“When we experience our lives through this lens of personal insufficiency, we are imprisoned in what I call the trance of unworthiness.

Trapped in this trance, we are unable to perceive the truth of who we really are.” ~Tara Brach Breaking free from the trance of unworthiness is a key part of our evolution process, both at an individual and collective level.

Let me explain why. What I observe with clients and what resonates with my own experiences is that most (if not all) triggers, limitations we impose on ourselves, and fears of failure or success stem from a deep and profound trance we all find ourselves in at various points in our lives: the trance of feeling “not good enough.” Once we’re enmeshed in this trance, where we truly feel that low vibration of unworthiness, and the shame that comes with it, we want to hide.

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