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How to Teach Kids With All Abilities to Wear Face Masks

Going outside has changed. The world is changed. Cue Galadriel from “Lord of the Rings:” “I feel it in the Earth…Much that once was is lost.” When I Google “accepting change,” a wiki pops up saying to embrace change, know its inevitability, put it in perspective and look on the bright side.

Great. Now, how do I do that? And how does my kid do that? The second I step into a public place, on comes the face mask. I’m distracted with how it sticks to my lipstick (OK, chapstick, because seriously what’s the point of wearing lipstick with these things on?).

I tell myself to just breathe, reminding myself I can breathe as my subconscious brings up memories of asthma. Embrace change.

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