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How to Stay True to Your Company’s Mission Amid Fads and Trends

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—Nancy Ganz, author, mediator and negotiatorIt’s really easy to fall for the shiny new toy, so it’s vital to dissect the key objectives of every new opportunity presented.

Understand how they can positively and negatively impact the growth, longevity and mission of your company.  —Marisa Polvino, co-founder and producer at Straight Up ImpactWhen we started our company, we embarked on our business with a set of guiding principles and beliefs.

It’s important to establish your company’s mission in the forefront, and stay true to your North Star and not compromise the quality or integrity of your product or brand.—Olivia Landau, founder and CEO of The Clear CutI always ask myself what my purpose is and what inspired me to start my company..

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