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How to Pick a Business Partner

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before getting married. The theory is that, with enough quality time upfront, we will pick the right life partner and enjoy a fulfilling “forever after.”So why do so many entrepreneurs ignore this same issue when picking a co-founder of a new business?There is no question that with another person is exciting and emotional.Imagine that you have found someone who shares your vision and passion for an innovative product or service.

You brainstorm late into the night sharing radical and transformative ideas that you are sure will solve a problem and maybe even change the world.

You spend hours laboring over your deck and business plan, making them absolutely perfect, united by a common goal of launching this new venture.But as you and your new partner race through this honeymoon period, how much time did you spend getting to know each other as people?Sure, you talk, text, chats, trade DMs, and maybe even meet in person every single day and late into the night.

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