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How To Perfect Your French Kiss In Just 5 Easy Steps

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What Is French Kissing? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, french kissing is “an open-mouth kiss usually involving tongue-to-tongue contact”.

In other words, a French kiss is an amorous kiss where the partners use their tongues to touch each other’s tongue or lips. This kiss can be very stimulating and erotic since the tongue, and the lips are very sensitive to touch.

Therefore, a French kiss can be powerful foreplay and can induce high sexual arousal in partners. Plus, French kissing releases endorphins and reduces stress levels in a person. Where Does French Kissing Come From? The term French kiss was first used by the British and the Americans in the early 1900s because it was a popular belief that French people were more adventurous and open to sexual experiments and practices. French Kissing vs.

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