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How to Look After Your Mental Health Post COVID - Lifehack

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It all seemed to happen so fast. As far as I can recall, I first began to truly get a sense of the potential gravity of the real-world, nightmare-to-come when all of the schools and universities started shutting down.

Shortly thereafter, stores and businesses followed suit.Seemingly overnight, we were all forced to function in a quasi-on-line world, essentially devoid of outside and in-person human interaction.

Nevertheless, we still had to find a way to somehow provide for ourselves and our families under strictly enforced stay-at-home orders.Then, when we were allowed out of our homes to purchase food and supplies, we ended up having to wait in long lines in stores with empty shelves, while at the same time, having to find a way to somehow make it back before curfew.Fortunately, mankind has been able to demonstrate the ability to persevere with resilience and ingenuity.

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