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How to deal with loneliness

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How to deal with lonelinessIt’s easier than ever to go an entire day without interacting with another human being. We use texts and emails to say “I love you,” we use social media to wish others a “happy birthday,” we do our banking, book our travel and order groceries all with the touch of a finger.

But the irony is, the more technologically connected we become, the more we find ourselves wondering how to deal with loneliness.Our social isolation is further exacerbated by the fact that more Americans are living alone than ever before.

Experts chalk it up to Americans marrying later, having fewer children, divorcing at higher rates and living longer. When those factors are combined, it doesn’t seem so abstract that at some point, many – and it’s no surprise that loneliness plagues nearly 60 million Americans.We don’t often think about the effects of being alone all the time, but maybe it’s time we start.

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