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How the Gym Changed My Expectations About Life With a Disability

“I can.” I step up to the bar and I inhale a deep breath. My eyes focus on the words on the wall in front of me. “Relentless,” “fearless” and “strong.” I close my eyes and in the blackness, I feel a calm wash over me.

I place my hands on the cold steel bar and I duck to feel the bar pressed up against my neck. The world becomes a blur as I feel the beating of my heart.

A few seconds later, I feel the quiver in my legs as I am struggling to do just one more. Just one more. The searing pain in my legs tells me that I am worthless, that I am weak, that I will never be able to simply be “normal.” I see the word “relentless” glaring at me and I muster up all the strength inside me and fight to lift upwards.

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